The Assembly of Orthodox Christian Congregations      is NOT part of the Roman Catholic Church, but our bishops hold valid apostolic  succession. Our tradition evolved from the early “British" and “Eastern Orthodox”  congregations. Our goal is to achieve "early Christian" standards in the purity of our  worship. We are not an ‘on-line’ church, even though we do certainly use the blessings of  modern technology to help us in our mission. We firmly believe that effective Christian  fellowship and the making of Christian disciples is a face to face, heart to heart  operation that is not possible in a Web Church. We are non-conventional in many  respects; one of these is the fact that we insist on keeping our fellowships small, Mega  Churches CANNOT minister to the needs of the people on an individual basis!  Christians are a family, NOT an assembly line. Although we do operate some more  conventional congregations, for the most part, in our seeking of early Christian purity,  the majority of our congregations are formed into Fellowships consisting of a smaller  number of people than is expected in the conventional Congregational setting. Some  Fellowships may even meet in a private home. Some have called us an ‘underground  church’, because we are not interested in money and do not go along with  governmental control of the Church, well that simply places us back at the beginnings of  the Christian communities or Ekklesia.   The Theology, Liturgy, and practices of the AOCC are both ancient and Orthodox. We  are established to maintain that ancient faith and holiness of worship. Our purpose is to  share the truth of Christ and open the doors to a community home for the seekers of  truth.  WHY DO WE EXIST?  The simplicity of the biblical message and the cohesiveness of God's revelation to man  over both Testaments has been altered and obscured for the sake of power and  domination during the last seventeen hundred years.   As a result; modern Christianity sadly by and large has very little if anything in common  with original Christianity.  We have attempted in our efforts to come full cycle and back to the practice of the early  Ekklesia in its unique form as practised and understood by the early communities of  Great Britain and Ireland.   Does this mean we are going backwards? Certainly not, it means we are returning to  TRUTH! In some areas we know that we may well have failed, but that is the penalty of  being human. We can only pray that God in his mercy will lay his healing hand upon our  efforts. Our Liturgies  The Assembly of Orthodox Christian Congregations The  AOCC in the United Kingdom.  The National Archdiocese Chambers are located in Leicestershire. Fellowships and Congregations in England: Ecclesia Sanctus Ignatius Ekklesia Theotokos Fellowship of The Good Shepherd St. Columba’s Mission St. Clare’s Seminary School The Celtic Rite 'Stand at the crossroads and look. Ask for the ancient paths, and where the best road is. Walk on it, and you will live in peace... My people have forgotten me... They have stumbled in the way they should go, they no longer follow the old ways...Set up signs and mark the road; find again the way by which you left. Come back...' Jeremiah 6:16; 18:15; 31:21. 'Our purpose is to please God, not people. 1 Thessalonians 2:4